Roll of Honour - A Division

A Division Title Holders

Year Championship Line Honours
Boat Skipper Boat Skipper
2019 Menace Richard Hawkins
2018 Menace Richard Hawkins Red Hot Pawn T Ormsby
2017 Mystery Achievement Scott Barker Mystery Achievement Scott Barker
2016 Red Hot Pawn T Ormsby Red Hot Pawn T Ormsby
2014 Cool Change B Grey Elevation T Poolman
2013 Freedom Express M Gardyne Freedom Express M Gardyne
2012 Elliot Ness M Hunter Elliot Ness M Hunter
2010 Haweye Farr E Burney Haweye Farr E Burney
2009 Black Mamba D McGee Fine Entry P Davies
2008 Chocolate Fish P Hurst Voodoo Magic M Bloomfield
2007 Coalition Split Coalition Split
2006 Equinox Young & The Restless
2005 Supergroove G Rowe
2004 Freak Brothers B Frater Chocolate Fish W Cooke
2003 Tight Fit T Poolman Tight Fit T Poolman
2002 Mystery Achievement L Bell Supergroove J Gravit
2001 Erazer C Hargreaves Erazer C Hargreaves
2000 Coalition Split M Stechmann Atomic Ross C Hollings
1999 Supergroove J Gravit Supergroove J Gravit
1998 Supergroove J Gravit Supergroove J Gravit
1997 Pria Prism P Houghton Pria Prism P Houghton
1996 Bonkers M Stechmann Unleashed B Land
1995 Itchy Feet D Connor
1994 Freak Brothers O Anderson Freak Brothers O Anderson
1993 Invisible Touch B Balemi Elliott 7 G Elliott
1992 Frig-It K May Frig-It K May
1991 Hit "n Run C McMaster Hit "n Run C McMaster
1990 Apostle II B H Corkery Phantom R Stokes
1987/88 Yazoo R McGee
1986/87 Young & The Restless I Craig
1985/86 Strait Enz Bruce Lund
1984/85 Reprieve P Mander
1983/84 Brighton Express R Stones
1982/83 Black Russian M Ross
1981/82 Stormrider J Rountree
1980/81 Stormrider J Rountree
1980 Gingerbread Man I Anderson Shahbanouh P J Emeny
1978/79 Dry Martine B Thom
1977 Scarlett Runner H Wagstaff
1976 Scintillation II R Grenfell
1975 Scintillation II R Grenfell