Roll of Honour - A Division

A Division Title Holders

Year Championship Line Honours
Boat Skipper Boat Skipper
2022 The Bill Alan Simpson No Remorse

Chris Johnston

2021 Overspray Shane Smith Overspray

Shane Smith

2020 Not Held

2019 Menace Richard Hawkins
2018 Menace Richard Hawkins Red Hot Pawn T Ormsby
2017 Mystery Achievement Scott Barker Mystery Achievement Scott Barker
2016 Red Hot Pawn T Ormsby Red Hot Pawn T Ormsby
2014 Cool Change B Grey Elevation T Poolman
2013 Freedom Express M Gardyne Freedom Express M Gardyne
2012 Elliot Ness M Hunter Elliot Ness M Hunter
2010 Haweye Farr E Burney Haweye Farr E Burney
2009 Black Mamba D McGee Fine Entry P Davies
2008 Chocolate Fish P Hurst Voodoo Magic M Bloomfield
2007 Coalition Split Coalition Split
2006 Equinox Young & The Restless
2005 Supergroove G Rowe
2004 Freak Brothers B Frater Chocolate Fish W Cooke
2003 Tight Fit T Poolman Tight Fit T Poolman
2002 Mystery Achievement L Bell Supergroove J Gravit
2001 Erazer C Hargreaves Erazer C Hargreaves
2000 Coalition Split M Stechmann Atomic Ross C Hollings
1999 Supergroove J Gravit Supergroove J Gravit
1998 Supergroove J Gravit Supergroove J Gravit
1997 Pria Prism P Houghton Pria Prism P Houghton
1996 Bonkers M Stechmann Unleashed B Land
1995 Itchy Feet D Connor
1994 Freak Brothers O Anderson Freak Brothers O Anderson
1993 Invisible Touch B Balemi Elliott 7 G Elliott
1992 Frig-It K May Frig-It K May
1991 Hit "n Run C McMaster Hit "n Run C McMaster
1990 Apostle II B H Corkery Phantom R Stokes
1987/88 Yazoo R McGee
1986/87 Young & The Restless I Craig
1985/86 Strait Enz Bruce Lund
1984/85 Reprieve P Mander
1983/84 Brighton Express R Stones
1982/83 Black Russian M Ross
1981/82 Stormrider J Rountree
1980/81 Stormrider J Rountree
1980 Gingerbread Man I Anderson Shahbanouh P J Emeny
1978/79 Dry Martine B Thom
1977 Scarlett Runner H Wagstaff
1976 Scintillation II R Grenfell
1975 Scintillation II R Grenfell