NZTYA Constitution

New Zealand Trailer Yacht Association Constitution - 2006


NZYF and NZTYA agree that NZTYA will continue to act as NZYF Council's subcommittee to administer Trailer Yacht affairs in New Zealand and to facilitate this agree that a representative of NZTYA will sit on NZYF Council with the same rights as other NZYF committee chairpersons.

Further, NZYF agrees that NZTYA, as an independent body, has the right to collect levies from it's members and to control it's own funds.

NZYF looks to NZTYA to carry out the administration of Trailer Yacht affairs generally and NZTYA agrees to act on NZYF's behalf accordingly.

Both parties recognise the obligation of NZYF to service it's recognised national classes which are also Trailer Yachts.

NZYF recognises that NZTYA is providing specialist services (for example NZTYA rating system) and that while

NZTYA has the obligation to supply such services to NZYF members who are not members of NZTYA, NZTYA has the right to make a reasonable charge to that person or club for the supply of such services.

J. G. Butterfield
23rd May 1991
Vice President NZYF

This Memorandum of agreement between NZYF and NZTYA has been accepted by the NZYF A.G.M. in June 1991 and by the NZTYA (based in Rotorua) in July 1991.

Note: Since this Memorandum of Agreement was accepted the N.Z. Yachting Federation Council has changed its name to Yachting New Zealand (YNZ).

At the 2015 AMR an updated Constitution was adopted.   View the latest Constitution here.

Download 2015 Constitution (30k pdf)