2016 AMR

The focus of the 2016 AMR was to foster participation in NZTYA events and the sport in general.  

With this in mind the meeting determined to be more creative in aligning event calendars for member clubs to ensure that programmes encouraged travelling and participation in other club's events.

Further, in the interests of encouraging boats to travel to NZTYA New Zealand Championships events, the meeting established a travelling fund to assist with cross strait transport costs.  NZTYA will consider applications from skippers who are members of NZTYA member Clubs for payments from the fund, which will be limited to a maximum of $500 per boat per year.   A maximum amount of $2,500 will be available each year.   With the 2017 NZ Championships scheduled for Easter 2017 at Evans Bay, Wellington, it is envisaged that this payment will encourage South Island boats to travel North to participate. 

Posted: Sun 24 Jul 2016