Does your motor need a service?

Does your motor need a service?

Winter is almost over and the first signs of Spring are all around and the start of the 2016 - 2017 sailing season is almost upon us.  

In the Trailer Sailer world, sailors are taking the covers off boats and starting to feel the feel of the wind in their hair.   Some have even ventured onto the water in warmer climates.

Now is the time to take the most basic of safety precautions - have your outboard motor serviced.

I've had mine serviced and the mechanic at Trev Terrry Marine in Taupo rang and said - there's no telltail.   A few dollars later I can now rely on another season of sailing on the lake without worrying about the outboard. 

But make sure that your mechanic cleans the carburettor (for those who don't have fuel injected motors).   Even if you have run your motor with the fuel tap turned off, it is still much more comforting to know that everything is is A1 condition at the start of the season.


Posted: Sat 10 Sep 2016